BG-75 Belt Grinder with inverter

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Belt Grinder with inverter

Multifunctional belt grinder and plenty of equipment tools for a wide range of applications.
Basic equipment includes: podstawowym posiada:

  • 250 mm rubber wheel
  • Tool with a flat surface 236 x 75 mm
  • Vice for grinding tubes with adjustable angle in the range of 0-60 degrees
  • A set of rollers for grinding pipe in popular diameters: 19 mm, 21.5 mm, 27 mm, 34 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm
  • Adjustable table for holding the material during the grinding
  • The hopper and bin to catch the metal filings
  • 1 x grinding belt K 40

By using such a diverse tooling capabilities of this machine are endless. Grinding belt size is 75 x 2000 mm, motor power of 2,2 kW.

Additional advantages of the machine include the:

  • Easy exchange of grinding tools
  • Inverter for smooth speed control
  • Easy and fast setting of the selected angle grinding
  • Graphite coating on the surface to increase the sliding grinding belt reduces wear
  • Easy and quick change grinding belt
  • The short processing time compared to milling

The device is covered by a one year warranty. We also offer after sales service. We provide instant access to wear parts and spare parts.
We invite you to familiarize with the offer of additional instrumentation in the accessories section.

We invite you to watch the movie presenting the capabilities of the machine.

Power supply voltage

220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Power rating

2,2 kW

Rotational speed

0 obr/min - 2800 obr/min

Traverse speed

0 m/s - 30 m/s

Belt Size

750 x 2000 mm

Grinding angle

0-60 degrees


200 kg (depending on optional equipment)


1450 mm


650 mm


1150 mm