W-150 Disassembling machine for bars and flat bars

5 166,00 

Disassembling machine for bars and flat bars

W-150 is a further enhancement, increasing the possibility of a multifunction device TRB-150/A. Used to Forging heated to a temperature ductility of bars and flat ends. Snap W-150 does not have its own power, power is transmitted directly to the main shaft device TRB-150/A.

Adapter is supplied with a set of rollers, which are essential elements for fitting the device TRB-150/A, and operating instructions.

The device is covered by a one year warranty. We also offer after sales service. We provide instant access to wear parts and spare parts.
We invite you to familiarize with the offer of additional instrumentation in the accessories section.

We invite you to watch the movie presenting the capabilities of the machine.


200 kg


350 mm


260 mm


230 mm

Types and dimensions of work piece material

Forging square rod 14 x 14 mm
Forging round bar 14 mm
Forging flat 20 x 6 mm