M2010 CNC Plasma Plotter

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CNC Plasma Plotter

MWMachines M series plasma tables are a very efficient and economical solution for production in the metal industry.
It is made of a durable steel frame that provides adequate rigidity and high table load capacity. The compact design requires little more space than the CNC plotter's working area.
he operator panel with built-in 22-inch screen and industrial keyboard is extremely convenient to use.
The gate parking function and hidden guides allow you to easily load a full-size sheet of metal.
CNC Plasma Cutter allows you to process materials such as black steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other metals.
The thickness of the cut is in the range of 0.5 mm to 57 mm (depending on the power of the source). Maximum movement speed of M-series machines by MWMachines reaches up to 30 m/min, which makes them faster in their class. As a plasma source, we uses the professional and reliable Hypertherm Powermax cutters.

We invite you to watch the movie presenting the capabilities of the machine.

Operator console

The operator's console has been equipped with a large, readable 22 inches monitor. An efficient industrial PC with 4GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD hard drive provides convenient and fast machine operation. The Windows 7 operating system ensures easy transfer of files from other computers.
Fast start - machine is ready in less than 1 minute.

Smoothness of movement

The use of precise linear guideways and bearings on all axes of the CNC cutter gives uncompromised smoothness of motion.
The machine speed in the XY axis reaches up to 30 m/min, which makes „M” series CNC plasma are fast and efficient, which allows you to reduce production costs.

Cable cover and mobility

Chain guides protect all cables. They minimize the risk of stumbling over the employee and ensure the durability of the cables.
In addition, our machines are equipped with holes for forklift, so that the machine setting is comfortable.

Water table

It provides a clean cut with the minimum amount of slag, cooling the material to prevent deformation.
The liquid in which the table is filled serves as a more efficient filtering system than traditional methods of getting rid of impurities and provides absorption of sparks and gases during cutting.
Cheaper in operation than traditional filtering systems.


All „M” series machines have effective protection which confirms the CE mark.
Emergency stop buttons located in several places allow you to quickly switch off the machine if necessary.
In the event of a burner collision with the material being processed, the machine will be stopped immediately, which will prevent damage to the torch.



Working field

2000 x 1000 mm

Gate clearance

200 mm

Max speed of travel

30 000 mm/min

Table load capacity

3500 kg


1490 kg


1700 mm


1550 mm


2500 mm