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TRB-150 / A is a multifunctional device for forming metal. This model is equipped with a programmable controller, which has three modes of operation. Manual mode is used mainly for rolling profiles. Twister mode facilitates precise cornering process along the axis of the material, which guarantees the repeatability of performed pieces. It is possible to store up to 4 different cycles of torsion. Saved cycles are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory. The third mode is optimized spiral bending process components "C", "S". Precise control of pan head allows bending of the material at any angle. In this mode, you can also perform balcony balusters. Similarly to the torsional mode, bending mode can store 4 full cycles. Constantly expanding range of instrumentation increases the possibility of the machine. We invite you to watch the movie presenting the capabilities of the device.

We invite you to watch the movie presenting the capabilities of the device.

Types and dimensions of the work piece material

Walcarka do rur
Type of activity Maximum dimensions
Rolling of a closed profile 50x50x2mm
Rolling flat 50x15mm
Square torsion bar 16x16mm
Bending the elements spiral 14x14mm/fi14mm/25x6mm

The unit is supplied with equipment tailored to customer needs. Basic equipment includes:

Giętarka do płaskowników
  • A set of rollers for rolling flat 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • A set of rollers for rolling profiles with a width of 50mm
  • A set of tools for 12mm torsion bars
  • A set of tools for 14mm torsion bars
  • A set of tools for 16mm torsion bars
  • A tool for bending the elements C
  • A tool for bending the elements S
  • A set of tools for bending balusters

Price: 3800€


Giętarka do płaskowników
Parameter The size
Power supply voltage 400V 50Hz
Power rating 1,5kW
Rotational speed 10obr/min
Protection Protection against overload, overheating, phase loss.
Weight 220kg (depending on accessories)
Height 1200mm
Width 590mm/2000mm (without the rolling bed / with a double)
Depth 590mm

Skręcarka do prętów Skręcarka kowalstwo
Skręcarka metaloplastyka Skręcarka do ogrodzeń

The device is covered by a one year warranty. We also offer after sales service. We provide instant access to wear parts and spare parts.
We invite you to familiarize with the offer of additional instrumentation in the  accessories…  section

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