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TRB-120 / M is a multifunctional device for forming metal. One hundred percent machine meets the needs of small company’s locksmith and blacksmith. With its help it is possible to roll profiles, flat bars in arcs and circles of any radius, square bars twisting and bending along the axis of the spiral elements "C", "S". The hydraulic pressure of the actuator rolled profiles requires very little effort. The device in addition to standard equipment, we also offer tools made ​ according to customer needs.

Types and dimensions of the work piece material

giętarka do prętów
Type of activity Maximum dimensions
Rolling of a closed profile 30x30x1,5mm
Rolling flat 35x8mm
Square bar torsion 12x12mm (twisting length 1000mm)
Spiral bending elements 12x6mm

The unit is supplied with equipment tailored to customer needs. Basic equipment includes:

  • A set of rollers for rolling profiles with a width of 30mm and 5mm flat
  • A set of tools for 12mm torsion bars
  • A tool for bending the elements C
  • A tool for bending the elements S

Price: 1200€


skręcarka do prętów
Parameter The size
Weight 80kg (depending on equipment)
Height 1000mm/1400mm (no arms / with arms)
Width 350mm/1300mm (without the rolling bed / with a double)
Depth 500mm/1100mm

walcarka do profili płaskowników

The device is covered by a one year warranty. We also offer after sales service. We provide instant access to wear parts and spare parts.
We invite you to familiarize with the offer of additional instrumentation in the  accessories…  section

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